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Faber Poggi
  • Faber Poggi

Table grapes

  • Lakemont (seedless)

    Lakemont (Kernlose)

    Novelty! New seedless variety from the USA. Lakemont (aka New York) grape has large elongated tight clusters. The grapes are medium-sized, slightly oval-shaped with nice thin skin. With relatively vigorous growth, Lakemont has a strong yield in terms of both quality and quantity. It is now one of the best known and most popular of seedless varieties.

  • Suzi


    New Hungarian variety. Suzi is a very good and beautiful table grape variety with very large clusters and large round yellow juicy grapes.
    The taste is fruity sweet and the grapes are nicely crisp. This variety should be part of every produce range. Suzi is vigorous and robust, and quickly forms dense foliage. Highly resistant to both powdery and downy mildew. Good frost hardiness. Medium-early ripening.

  • Himrod (seedless)

    Himrod (Kernlose)

    Very early ripening variety with extremely vigorous growth. Strong frost hardiness and resistance to fungal diseases. The large grape clusters are endowed with smaller grapes that are very clear and seedless with raspberry aromas. This variety is cultivated in the USA, India, France, Spain, former Yugoslavia, Germany, Hungary and Switzerland.

  • Phoenix


    The best known amongst the new table grape varieties from Geilweilerhofs in Siebeldingen, Rhineland-Palatinate. Large yellow clusters with medium-sized grapes. This variety has vigorous growth and a high yield. Its pleasant muscat aroma takes one by surprise.

  • Bianca


    New Hungarian crop with large loosely bunched clusters and medium-sized crisp grapes. A “universal” variety both highly popular and hassle-free. Bianca is a beautiful table grape suitable for juicing and wine-making.

  • Solaris


    New variety from the State Institute of Viticulture Freiburg (Fr 240-75). This variety is ideal for amateur viticulturists who wish to produce their own wine or grape juice. Due to its early ripening, it is equally suited to areas with unfavourable climates. Clusters and grapes are medium-sized and golden-yellow. The sugar content (Oechsle Scale) at full maturity is very high, which guarantees wines of very high quality. Solaris is a completely hassle-free variety.

  • Solara


    Growth: vigorous
    Ripening: end August to mid-September
    Cluster: medium-sized, medium to tightly bunched, decorative
    Grape: medium-sized, oval-shaped, dark blue, crisp and firm
    Character: very tasty, sweet
    Susceptibility: resistant to powdery and downy mildew. Good frost hardiness, but remains vulnerable to April frosts due to early budding. Vulnerable to Botrytis in case of over-ripening.

  • Mitschurinski


    Great resistance to cold (down to -35° C) originating from the former Soviet Union. Beautiful large clusters with medium-sized grapes. A variety suitable for unfavourable locations with strong winter frost. Very beautiful decorative autumn leaves and a good yield. Early ripening. Good fungal resistance.

  • Funny


    Growth: vigorous
    Ripening: mid-September to early October
    Cluster: large to very large
    Grape: large, oval, yellow, crisp
    Taste: subtle aroma
    Susceptibility: resistant to powdery and downy mildew and frost. Vulnerable to Botrytis in case of over-ripening.

  • Muscat Bleu

    Muscat Bleu

    Growth: vigorous, robust, upright
    Ripening: end August to mid-September
    Cluster: large, very loose, sometimes too loose
    Grape: blue, large, round to oval, crisp
    Taste: pleasant flavour of spicy muscat.
    Susceptibility: very good resistance to powdery and downy mildew, frost-hardy, sensitive to Coulure, Botrytis resistant

  • Lidi


    Early ripening table grape, with large clusters and deep-red grapes. Hardy in undemanding locations.
    Reddish foliage in the Autumn

  • Palatina


    Growth: vigorous, upright
    Ripening: end August to early September
    Cluster: large, loose, shouldered clusters
    Grape: golden-yellow, oval, attractive to the eye
    Taste: fruity, light muscat aroma
    Susceptibility: sufficiently resistant to low risk powdery mildew, good resistance to downy mildew, frost resistant, susceptible to Botrytis when over-ripe.

  • Regent


    Its good resistance against most viticultural fungal diseases allows a significant reduction in plant protection costs, by about 60 to 80%.
    Early ripening variety.

  • Rondo


    Blue, new variety from the Czech Republic. Resistant to fungi. Variety perfected at the Geisenheim Grape Breeding Institute. Early ripening, with large loose clusters and medium-sized grapes. Very frost hardy. An additional variety for the enthusiasts, with a promising future

  • Seyval Blanc

    Seyval Blanc

    Old French variety with very high yield – therefore, it must be cut short and thinned out if necessary. Well suited for both wine- and juice-making. The clusters are tight and medium-sized, with slightly smaller, very juicy grapes with a pleasant aroma. Early ripening and good fungal resistance.

  • Booskop Bleu

    Booskop Bleu

    Old American variety widely spread today. The clusters are medium-sized with loosely bunched fruit. Grapes are medium to large. Pleasant strawberry aromas. Constant and regular yield even in less favourable conditions. Fungal resistance in years where infection pressure is high is sometimes not entirely satisfactory. Early ripening and good frost hardiness.

  • New York Muscat

    New York Muscat

    Much cultivated and popular variety in the United States. Light Ticino aromas. Beautiful looking and very large clusters with plump juicy deep-blue grapes. Easy all round variety. Equally good for juice or jelly production. This variety mustn’t be left out of any collector’s range. Very decorative autumn foliage in red and violet.

  • Theresa


    Growth: vigorous, upright, no adventitious roots
    Ripening: very late, from mid-October, therefore only suitable for regions and locations with favourable climates
    Cluster: very large with loosely bunched grapes
    Grape: large, oval, with a light pink reflection when ripe
    Taste: fruity, balanced
    Susceptibility: moderate resistance to powdery and downy mildew, preventative treatment is recommended, good frost hardiness